Founded in 2007 Akuveri Displays continuously developed
according to the customers wishes and requirements. Warehouse and production facilities have been tripled in size, the no. of
employees doubled and the machinery newly equipped. We offer attractive solutions for all kind of P.O.S. and retail marketing.
  – no matter if drilling, bending, sawing, cutting,
stamping etc. done with own machinery always allows
producing in a flexible, precise but also fast manner. Cost-efficient high volume productions will be outsourced and done by our
subcontractors in Eastern Europe. In order to be able to offer
aggressive prices even for standard displays we import these goods on our own – worldwide.
  • Individual printing done with digital, silk or pad printing
  • Packaging including organization of the complete mail order
    process even for big volumes
  • Tailormade products or solutions from scratch to production
  Since beginning of this year we are pleased to offer you
additionally professional support for design, graphics and layout from our new media designer.

  We also help if others say “Not possible” and will find your
solution – guaranteed!